Whether you are looking to get your gutters replaced or need roof and gutter repairs, ENH Restoration LLC is the local gutter specialist company you’ve been looking for.

We manage all aspects of gutters, copper, zinc, and aluminum. We do everything from minor gutter repairs to commercial gutter repairs.

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When it comes to gutters, what is better, the K-style or the 1/2 round? 

In our experience, the half-round has a specific look that certain clients prefer.
If you’re looking for efficiency, the k-style when applied to flat fascia does a much better job catching all the water.

How do I prevent Ice Dams?

As you may know, CT winters can be very hard on a roof.
Ice Dams have become a common place for many homeowners. The best way to prevent Ice Dams is to prepare for them. 

First your roof should have at least 3 ft of Ice & Water shield but we recommend 6 ft.. 

You should remove gutters where they are not needed or install standing seam metal 3-4 ft up the drip edge. Taking these steps can and will prevent future ice dams from forming.

Do you offer financing for roofing and gutter services?

Yes, we offer financing through Finance of America. You can apply for financing  by going here.

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